Noosa in Newtown

Patrick Brookes

Brookes/Long House -­ Newtown (Sydney, Australia)

In a bustling, feral, inner-city suburb this is a peaceful, tropical, tree house; an oasis which excludes the surrounding visual ugliness. The light, mber construcon and the use of glass louvres for controlling venlaon gives it that Queensland, holiday feeling.

It’s a free-flowing, open and flexible house with only one box – a blue Tardis plonked in the front space – concealing a shower room, wardrobe, larder and refrigerator, separang the recepon and guest areas from the kitchen.Read more >>


Clerestories in Alexandria

Patrick Brookes

Carron & Stuart’s House -­ Alexandria (Sydney, Australia)

From the street, it was a boring, old, one-storey brick terrace house, but now: hovering over the roof is an unusual, thoroughly modern, curved roof, dormer window. Inside, past the staid existing bedroom, the Entry Hall beckons with a sparkling glass brick wall, curving to an explosion of stairs. kitchen and living spaces.Read more >>

Give Me Some Light

Patrick Brookes

“From dark, depressing and enclosed to light-­filled, joyous and open”


  • There were no windows to the existing living, dining and the enclosed side courtyard. There was neither natural light nor ventilation to these three rooms.
  • Initially a Development Application for a modest two-­‐storey house, tucked into the roof with two dormer windows was submiGed, but rejected.
  • The adjoining owner and the Timber Houses Lobby objected, restricting the possiblity of altering the scale, massing and materials of the house and roof that was visible from the street.


Bali Pavilion at Lake Macquaire

Patrick Brookes

A beautiful site with unrestricted views and access to lake Macquaire allowed a sailing couple direct access to yacht. They were married in Bali and wanted to recreate that exotic resort atmosphere.

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