I am happy to offer you an initial consultation free of charge: to visit your building site, when you are available:

  • Discuss your needs and wants;
  • Aquaint you with the local council design policies;
  • Analyse the characteristics of the land with respect to orientation, solar access, privacy, views;
  • discuss probable costings;
  • A possible timeframe; and
  • Start to determine your requirements, likes and dislikes.

There is no obligation at this stage.
By this time I will have gained your confidence:
if not – thanks for the experience;
if so – let’s proceed.



The scope of services for the architectural documentation can be divided into two sections and summarised as follows


a. Sketch Design
Involves the preparation of various concepts to arrive at a sketch design based on the brief developed from discussions with the Client, identifying their needs. This design entails a broad conceptual approach and addresses planning issues, orientation, access to the site, views, style and probable budget – to be discussed with you.

Concept Drawings including Plans, some Elevations and Sections, Perspective Sketches and Area Calculations.
Budget suggested by you.

b. Detailed Design
The further development of the sketch design would occur based upon The Client’s and your input with further refinement of the brief and budget, and from preliminary discussions with Council. The end of this stage will produce a final agreed detailed design which will form the basis of the documentation covered by the next stage.

Preliminary Development Application drawings, including Plans, Elevations, Sections and Perspective Sketches.
Area Calculations.
Updated Budget by you.

c. Documentation of Development Application
A submission attempting to conform to Council’s requirement would be prepared. The Development Application drawings outline the broad constructional approach, but do not include detail other than that required by Council. The preparation of shadow diagrams as required by Council would be covered.
Should the Council require special presentation (models, perspectives, photomontages etc), we would negotiate a separate fee for this.
Normal and reasonable liaison with Council during the approval process is included.

Neighbour Notification Plan
Site Plan
Site Analysis Plan

  • Ground Floor, First Floor and Roof Plans
  • North, South, East and West Elevations
  • At least two Sections
  • Shadow Diagrams
  • Area Calculations
  • Perspectices and photo montage

Statement of Environmental Effects

d. Construction Certificate
This entails upgrading the Development Application Drawings, with special note to Council’s Conditions and architectural requirements for the Building Certification, including Specification Notes in collaboration with you.

DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED (4 copies for Council)
Upgrading and re-issuing all the DA Documentation as listed above, to the required level – adding BCA and ASA Clauses
Specification Notes – for CC purposes

The State and Local Government Authorities require the expertise of various consultants to confirm that the project will comply with the relevant Codes and Standards.
Depending on the complexity of the development, I will recommend, and seek fee proposals from the appropriate Consultants that would be required:

  • Surveyor
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Engineers: Structural, Geo-Technical, Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustic, Traffic and Civil
  • Landscape Architect
  • Heritage Architect
  • Planner
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Interior Designer

e. Full Documentation and Detailing
This work includes detailed architectural drawing at a larger scale and elaboration of specifications notes in order to clarify the work for tendering by the builder and the sub-contractors.

Design Intent Drawings of Sections and Construction Details
Kitchen & Bathroom Layout
Electrical Layouts Window and Door Layouts
Finishes Schedule

f. Contract Administration
This work includes, in consultation with you, the decision on the preferred method of building and tendering, calling tenders,
responding to enquires from tenderers, the finalisation and assessment of tenders and negotiations with the preferred tenderer to arrive at a final tender figure.
In conjunction with the selected Builder, a standard building contract would be prepared to enable the work to be undertaken.
The Builder’s work would be monitored by regular site visits with regard to quality, variation costs and progress. Progress certificates would be assessed, processed and issued to the builder and a defects list will be prepared prior to practical completion.


I have successfully obtained council approvals in a wide range of Local Government areas: City of Sydney, Marrickville, Leichhardt, Ashfield, Canada Bay, Kogarah, Hurstville, Strathfield, Southern Highlands, Gosford, Australian Capital Territory.