Patrick Brookes

B Arch FRAIA Architect

The element of risk is minimised because of my vast experience and ability of thinking outside the square. My designs will make you happy, proud and want to cry with joy. “Excuse the mess” will be unnecessary because the experience of the space should shine through.

Every building should be unique and individual. My style can be classified as “warm, organic, exciting modernism”, always responding to the client and site. Sometimes the purity of Modernism results in adhering to a Form before resolving the Function and style before substance.

Unfortunately the stark, prisitine designs often do not allow for the application of environmental design principles, such as over-hanging roofs to allow for sun shading and huge expanses of glass – necessitating artificial heating and cooling.

I am inspired by Modern Architects; from the “organic architecture” of Frank Lloyd Wright, the “warm modernism” of Ray Kappe, to the exciting “sculptural structuralism” of Santiago Calitrava.

Conceptual Process

Architecture should be more than just shelter, but should involves the art of design layered on the craft of building associated with the rigours of business. It’s not about boxes plonked together; it’s about a organic forms melding together to form imaginative, romatic and even whimiscal liveable spaces.It starts with creating interior spaces that are enveloped with exterior shapes the suit the locality. This process will result in creating pleasurable places to live most of the finest dream homes.Provides a unique home which has its own personality.


Analyse the existing parameters to design complementary or (deliberately) antagonistic. Evolve from the the location; Never impose preconceived ideas because every project has unique (parameters), requires a new vocabulary including scale, massing, shapes, materials, flexibility.
“Controlled Explosion of Space”

  • Approval authorities’ requirements
  • Structural possibilities
  • Budget limitations
  • Latest technologies

Experience. Imagination. Practicality.


Depending on the size of the project, it will be necessary to engage the services of some of these consultants. I will nominate and guide your choices:

  • Surveyor
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Engineers Structural, Geo-Technical, Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustic, Traffic and Civil
  • Landscape Architect
  • Heritage Architect
  • Council Planner
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Interior Designer

Why choose me

With more than thirty years in private practice, I can help you with small or large, modern contemporary residential projects: new homes, renovations and extensions, duplexes, town houses and apartment buildings.
I can also design commercial developments: shops, offices, restaurants and bars.